Benefits of a household water softener

Here are five benefits of a water softener for the whole household in your home:

1. Save Money

Soft water lacks the mineral ions that cause scale in your pipes and appliances, saving you expensive repair bills. Mineral deposits in a pipe reduce the area through which water can pass and require higher pump pressure. It also increases the amount of energy required to keep your
water hot or cold. Debris also wreaks havoc on your appliances, resulting in more frequent repair or replacement costs for your dishwasher, washing machine, coffee maker, water heater, and ice maker.


How to save money with a water softener

2. Cleaner hair and softer skin

Soft water when bathing or showering can be extremely beneficial for hair and skin. The mineral ions in hard water prevent it from being fully soluble with soaps and form a precipitate in the form of soap scum. Because soft water is free of these minerals, homes with a water softener will enjoy deeper foam.
The skin benefits of a water softener go deeper than soapy water. It can also mitigate the effects that hard water has on your body due to the loss of natural oils in skin and hair.

When limescale builds up in the pipes, the water pressure in the shower drops. Low water pressure hardly helps you to rinse soap from your body or shampoo and conditioner from your hair.

3. Shinier, softer clothes

A water softener prevents the adverse effects of hard water on clothes, making them softer and keeping your
looking fresh and new Tactile.

4. Cleaner Dishes

If you live in a hard water area, you know how difficult it is to keep your dishes clean.
No matter how often you clean them or what soaps or detergents you use, your glasses and cutlery will look cloudy after drying. A water softener fixes the root problem by removing minerals before they can build up on your dishes. And because soft water blends more completely with soaps and detergents, your dishes lather and clean better.

5. Less cleaning time

If you live in a house with hard water, you know how long cleaning can take.
You keep going back to do the dishes and laundry. You can spend hours a week scrubbing chalky limescale and soap scum off shower walls, sinks and faucets. Using a water softener not only prevents the ill effects of hard water, but the soft water completely dissolves and penetrates soap, and less insoluble soap scum or curd builds up in your bathroom. Save the time you spend on regular cleaning.

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