Hot and Cold Water Dispenser


Your coffee, tea, and cooked meals are influenced by the water you use. Fresh, pure, and minimally filtered mountain spring water straight from a gravity-fed dispenser will let you taste water the way it should be. Crisp, clean water will boost the flavor of whatever its used in. The hot water option will give you better tasting coffee, tea, oatmeal, or soup. The cold water dispenser provides you with invigorating water that can be consumed on its own, or used in a refreshing cold brew coffee, fruit-infused beverage, or for cooking meals.

In spite of the fact that everyone knows we need to drink more water, doing so is often easier said than done. Water dispensers make it easy by putting the water you need right at your fingertips. Skip the sugary sodas and juices in favor of delicious spring water, straight from the hot or cold dispenser.

Take a look inside your refrigerator. Is it filled with bottled water or a filter pitcher? A water dispenser gives you ready access to hot or cold filtered water without taking up too much space. Swapping plastic bottles for a glass water dispenser also helps reduce your environmental impact, benefiting your home AND the planet.

Water dispensers help you stay healthy and refreshed, no matter where they’re used. At home, you don’t have to waste time waiting for water to get hot. When you spend less time in the kitchen, you’ll open up more time for other things you enjoy. At the office, boost productivity with refreshing, hydrating water, and you’ll get your morning caffeine faster without having to wait for coffee or tea to brew. Since the hot water dispenser comes with a safety lock, you don’t need to worry about accidental injuries in a busy workplace or at home with young children.

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