Filtered Tap Water

Home water filters are nothing new but recent advancements have made the filtering process better, the filters easier to install and use, reduced cost and vastly improved sustainability. This means that having a water filter installed at home is now feasible for any household in Europe or North America. So is filtered water healthier and what are the benefits of filtered water?

The choice of water filter will impact the quality of the water a lot. In some cases the filtered water might be worse than tap water due to bacteria growth on the filter or removal of all minerals. Choose a filter that suits your needs in terms of installation, contaminant removal, volume filtered and cost. Always make sure that it's a credible brand and that the filters have been independently tested in accordance to international standards such as NSF.

The most common water filters today are activated carbon filters with or without ion-exchange including pitchers/carafes, faucet filters, gravity filters, reverse osmosis, refrigerator filters, UV-light and distillation. Generally the best value for money and sufficient filtration for Europe or North America is a faucet filter with a carbon block. Read more in our water filter comparison and how TAPP 2 works.

Is filtered water healty ?

As outlined in this document both tap water and bottled water is facing major challenges with contamination and aging infrastructure. Some of these problems such as microplastics will take decades to solve. Therefore point of use filters that removes or vastly reduces such contaminants can reduce the risk of contamination and thus improve the health of individual households.

A recent study also concluded that “activated carbon based tap water filters could provide an important short-term public health benefit through removal of halogenated DBPs, but regular filter cartridge exchange is critical to maintain a good filter efficacy”.

So yes, assuming essential minerals are not removed and the filter is replaced frequently filtered water is healthier than tap or bottled water.

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