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Over the years we have installed water purification systems for over  15 000 people, it gives me great personal satisfaction to know that so many families are safer and healthier because of the service that we provide.



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Water is important

Never before has it been more crucial to be drinking clean water. Our bodies are made up of about 70% water and with the increase of processed and instant foods with added chemicals, I believe now more than ever that our bodies need pure water to help effectively detoxify and protect our bodies.

Everyone should have access to clean and safe drinking water.

(Costa Simeonides - Owner and Founder) 


Water Dispensers In Schools

Children tend to be very active, and this can be thirsty work. Whether they are playing sports or simply running around, it is important that they are properly hydrated. Unfortunately, many children these days turn to sugary drinks, and this is fuelling a nation where unhealthy diets and overweight children are becoming more and more common. However, schools can take a proactive step in combatting these problems by investing in water dispensers. So, here are just some of the benefits that can be enjoyed


The Benefits of Water Filters

With the tap water in our homes and workplace being full of chemicals, who would want to drink it? It tastes disgusting and who knows what bacteria is in there.

On the other hand, bottled water costs a small fortune and who has the money to be buying bottled water all the time? There is an alternative to tap and bottled water. Water Filters are one way to clean out all the chemical and the bacteria often found in our tap water that can cause stomach and bowel irritations.


The Benefits of an Office Water Cooler

There has been a lot of news about the real benefits of an office water cooler in the office. There are real advantages to using an office water cooler. The office water cooler is not only a neutral place in the office or workplace to catch up with workmates and colleagues it is literally a fountain of youth.

Office water coolers increase productivity at work with their obvious health benefits.

There are three main areas where an office water cooler benefits employees and employers.